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Hi!  I'm Andrea!  Hunter, Mom, Conservationist, Wife, Entrepreneur, Artist, Shooting Instructor, Wine Lover and Writer.  

I discovered hunting in my mid 20s through a blessed path of people, opportunities and choices.  Now, I am a recovering vegan, passionate hunter, dedicated conservationist and an active proponent of the outdoor lifestyle both in my home and in the world around me.

My goal is that you find kernels of information, encouragement, ideas or fuel for your own passions and pursuits here.  Reach out!  I'd love to hear your story!

No More Compromises #Syren Smiles


Ladies!!!  Need a shotgun just for you?  Check out for the full product line, or contact me to try one in person!

Annual Christmas Day Family Hunt


I'm the short one on the left.  My 12 year old, Colton, is now taller than I am!  The baby, Dwight, isn't far behind and my husband, Brandon, well let's just say I can wear as tall a heels as I want!  I'd be honored if you followed along on this journey of learning, exploration, growth and the quest for a legacy.  Join me!

Check out the blog post "From Vegan to Victor" to get to know the "why" behind the "what!"


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